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Re: [Ambassadors] [fedora-India] May we have a meeting?

2008/4/13, susmit shannigrahi <thinklinux ssh gmail com>:
> >  Excellent!  It is great to see progress on meetings in your region.
>  >  It seems you have found the Ambassadors Meeting page [1].  Please keep
>  >  that page up to date as you determine the meeting date and time so
>  >  that others that miss this email thread can reference it.  It is also
>  >  useful for tracking an agenda for the meeting.
>  >
>  >  As you start to get things organized, remember you can contact FAmSCo
>  >  [2] for any assistance you may need - from initial organization
>  >  questions to budgeting for an event.
> Hi Jeffrey,
>  Thanks.
>  It will be nice if someone from FAmsCo can be present at the meeting.
>  So it would be easier to follow up the discussions with action.

Due to meeting time i will not able to attend APAC meeting. It would
be a pleasure to read the meeting log. Your voice is important!

Thank you and good luck

Francesco Ugolini

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