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Re: [Ambassadors] USB Live pen creator poster

----- "Paul W. Frields" <stickster gmail com> wrote:
> [...]
> A few changes I'd suggest:
> * Change the release number to "9" everywhere

samuele's working on "9 release" version of this poster, but for our next event (Saturday) we need a poster for last official fedora "stable release" (but we'll have also a live usb pen creator for 9 beta...)

> * Change the background theme to the new Fedora Waves, hopefully
>   making it a bit darker so the poster is easier to read

yep, the same of previous point ;-)

> * The text should read "You provide the pen. The rest is up to us."


> Personally I think this is a fantastic effort.  And it's something
> that Max and I have both been after -- the ability for someone to
> walk
> up to the boot and walk away with a working Fedora.

sounds like "self-service" usb creator... (I want it near my office coffee machine....)

> One more thing that might be worth extending the script for --
> getting
> the person to join the Project while they're there, personalizing
> their Live USB pen in the process.

Maybe we can make space for different "usb" cables, each one with a different spin (gnome, kde, devel, etc...)

Right now this could be a bit expensive because you need a pc for each spin (Matteo's script doesn't support multi port yet), but it's not impossible ;-)

Thanks for feedback.


Francesco Crippa
fcrippa byte-code com

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