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[Ambassadors] Funding/Swag for events in April & May

Trying to close up the loose ends for our April/May events.

North America

(1) LinuxFest Northwest -- swag, funding is all taken care of

(2) Release parties
	* Utah Fedora/Ubuntu release party
	* Los Angeles release party
	* Central Ohio release party

What sort of funding and/or swag do you guys need for the release parties?

(3) Atlanta Installfest -- Dave, remind me what you need for this?


South America

(1) FISL -- everything taken care of

The remaining South America events will have to use what's left over from FISL to begin with, and once we get the final costs of FISL, we'll see what kind of budget we have left to devote to South America.



(1) Fedora day in Egypt -- I sent a bunch of swag to Diaa

(2) liberaMENTE -- Francesco, do you need anything from us?

(3) LinuxTag -- has its own planning process, all is well.

(4) Several events without owners, so I am ignorning them for now.



Harish, Rahul, etc -- is there anything you want to try to do on that side of the world between now and the end of the quarter?


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