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Re: [Ambassadors] Ambassadors Meeting EMEA - IRC Log 2008-04-16

Fabian Affolter wrote:
HTML version of the log is here:


Raw log is here:

<fabian_a> Welcome everybody. Let's have the Fedora Ambassadors Meeting EMEA
<spevack> hi fabian
<spevack> MaxSpevack is here, obviously
<merouen> hi evrybody
* fabian_a looking around to find some European ambassadors
* red_alert waves
* glezos says hi
<fabian_a> ping fcrippa, fugolini, kanarip, kital
<spevack> kanarip, kital, ping
<fugolini> i'm here
* fcrippa says hello to all!
<fcrippa> pong
* lfoppiano is ready too :)
* kanarip ping
<kital> pong
<kanarip> oops, pong i meant
<fabian_a> ok guys, please state your wiki name (aka roll call)
<kital> JoergSimon
<red_alert> SandroMathys
<fugolini> FrancescoUgolini
<fabian_a> for the record :-)
<glezos> DimitrisGlezos
<kanarip> JeroenVanMeeuwen
<fabian_a> FabianAffolter
<fcrippa> FrancescoCrippa
<lfoppiano> LucaFoppiano
<viking-ice> JohannBenediktGudmundsson
<merouen> BalloutMerouen
<spevack> MaxSpevack
<fabian_a> Just a reminder. We'll still follow our meeting protocol to make this meeting quick and efficient. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate/IRCHowTo#Protocol <fabian_a> Now, please open our meeting page at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Meetings/2008-04-16 for the agenda
<merouen> ?
<fabian_a> merouen,
<merouen> Hello all,  i am new here
<merouen> eof
<viking-ice> as am I..
<fabian_a> welcome to your first meeting
<viking-ice> thanks..
<viking-ice> glad to be here
<fabian_a> we'll start with the report current status of FAmSCo
<fabian_a> Release events
<fabian_a> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/ReleaseEvents
<fugolini> !
<fabian_a> fugolini,
<fugolini> Hi, i'm here today to talk about this important issue
<fugolini> i want to invite everyone to make something for the F9 release event
<fugolini> *release
<fugolini> just take a look at this mail from Jeffrey: https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-ambassadors-list/2008-April/msg00043.html
<fugolini> Release Events are important because they are the final piece of
<fugolini> a long and hard development process
<fugolini> I know this year we announced it late but i hope you could create something
<fugolini> that's all
<fugolini> Talk with the other EMEA ambassadors and try to organize all together
<fugolini> thank you
<fugolini> eof
<fabian_a> thanks, fugolini
<fabian_a> Clean-up the Ambassadors parts on the wiki
<fabian_a> We deleted a lot of obsolete pages but there are still many pages left. This pages needs some work on them. <fabian_a> Check https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee/CleanUpPages if you are able to help us improve our part in the fedora wiki <fabian_a> BTW, soon we will migrate to mediawiki. The test instance is available at https://publictest1.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Main_Page
<spevack> Impact of the Migration on Ambassadors should be minimal
<fabian_a> If you have experience with mediawiki, especially with the migration from moinmoin to mediawiki, Fedora Infrastructure will be very pleasant to hear from you
<fugolini> !
<fabian_a> fugolini,
<fugolini> i forget to send the email to Ambs list
<fugolini> i just send a copy of the announcement in Famsco list, i will do it now!
<fugolini> eof
<GeroldKa> !
<fabian_a> GeroldKa,
<GeroldKa> sorry for beeing late, many, many problems by my primary duty
<GeroldKa> my employer
<GeroldKa> eof
<diaa> !
<fabian_a> diaa,
<diaa> Hi, I have missed the wiki name part, my wiki name is DiaaRadwan.
<spevack> GeroldKa: it's no problem, everyone here except for me is a volunteer, and we all understand that your primary job has many important commitments
<diaa> we will have fedora day on one of the largest universities on Egypt.
<diaa> sorry for the overlap :)
<spevack> diaa: did you get the stuff out of Customs?
<diaa> No, hopefully I will get it tomorrow.
<fabian_a> something else before we move on
<spevack> will they require you to pay a lot of money?
* spevack sent Diaa a bunch of Swag to support Fedora Day in Egypt
<fabian_a> If you would like to have a Fedora Ambassador Polo Shirt and you will attend LinuxTag. <diaa> I think it is not related to money, I think it's about content. they have to look on cds. <spevack> diaa: they will not find anything too exciting :)... ok, sorry to interrupt you fabian_a, go ahead
<diaa> fabian_a: I think it will be hard to get the polo shirt.
<fabian_a> You have 2 days left to place your order at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/PoloShirt
<fabian_a> next topic...
<fabian_a> Report current status of Ambassadors Membership
<diaa> I want to give you outline on the sessions
<diaa> First session will be FOSS and history of GNU/Linux, fedora, benefits and how to contribute. second one would be either preparing development environment on fedora based server or shell scripting session.
<diaa> is there any ideas?
<diaa> EOF
<fabian_a> events are on your list, later
<fabian_a> Ambassadors Membership
<fabian_a> As of 2008-04-14, 352 Ambassadors have been verified (signed CLA and joined 'ambassadors' group) <fabian_a> The Ambassadors statistics page ( http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Statistics ) will be updated soon with more accurate numbers :-).
<fabian_a> So far I have no time to do it.
<fabian_a> Everybody, please check your personal wiki page if all data are up-to-date. <fabian_a> We have several Ambassadors with invalid email addresses and some who still have there name surname fedoraproject org addresses on the wiki. <fabian_a> Please verifiy also if your CategoryAmbassadors(+Country) entry is still right (with my new script I'm working with this information).
<fabian_a> BTW, I'm looking for some help to improve this script.
<fabian_a> I will use it as long that we have no better option to generate some statistics through FAS2
<fabian_a> any input about that?
<fcrippa> !
<fabian_a> fcrippa,
<fcrippa> fabian, I've made some improvements to "stats" script
<fcrippa> it runs also for "EditGroup" page
<fcrippa> ..or other "group" pages
<fabian_a> thanks fcrippa, for this details
<fcrippa> and I've also made a small project based on turbogear to put charts online automatically <fcrippa> if there is some one interesting to continue develop (with me, and - I hope- Fabian), let' go :-)
<fcrippa> (I'll put code online soon)
<fcrippa> eof
<fabian_a> i guess that we are done with this for today, next events
<fabian_a> Report current status of Fedora Events (passed & upcoming)
<fabian_a> Please open Fedora Events http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents
<fabian_a> we will start with the past events
<fabian_a> as far as I remember...OpenExpo
<fabian_a> Check the collection http://fabaff.blogspot.com/2008/03/openexpo-2008-berne-collection.html for details about this event
<fabian_a> FOSSComm Greece
<fabian_a> glezos?
* fugolini has to leave
<glezos> yup
<fugolini> see ya
<glezos> the event was great, my talk attracted a lot of people
<glezos> mostly FOSS contributors, not new users
<glezos> we handed out 200 CDs sent by RHT in Germany.
<glezos> and recruited 2 Google Summer of Codes for L10n/Transifex.
<glezos> very satisfied.
<glezos> eof
<fabian_a> thanks, glezos
<fabian_a> about Notacon is a report available too -> http://axelilly.wordpress.com/2008/04/09/event-report-fedora-at-notacon-5/ <glezos> blog post in Greek: http://dimitris.glezos.com/weblog/2008/03/26/fosscomm-recap <glezos> and album: http://dimitris.glezos.com/photos/various/fosscomm08/ (now I'm EOF, honestly.)
<fabian_a> glezos, most people in Europe can speak Greek fluently ;-)
<fabian_a> Future events
<glezos> they do?!
<fabian_a> Grazer Linuxtage
<fabian_a> I guess that there is no attendance
<fabian_a> Fedora day, Cairo
<fabian_a> diaa?
<diaa> Max shipped me swag, I didn't get them yet it's on the customs, hopefully I will get it tomorrow.
<spevack> !
<spevack> (after diaa is finished)
<diaa> This the first event I co-organize as fedora ambassador. First session will be FOSS and history of GNU/Linux, fedora, benefits and how to contribute. second one would be either preparing development environment on fedora based server or shell scripting session.
<diaa> the expected attendees are 90 on the first one and 40 on the second.
<diaa> unfortunately, the event is before the release of 9.
<diaa> any ideas ? ,EOF
<fabian_a> anybody? otherwise spevack
<spevack> diaa: I will send you a presentation that serves as a great "introduction to fedora"
<spevack> diaa: and you can adapt or change it for any needs you like.
<spevack> fabian_a: I wanted to talk about the FedoraEvents page a little bit
<spevack> There are 3 events currently listed for EMEA with no owner
<fabian_a> spevack, sure
<lfoppiano> !
<spevack> Grazer LinuxTag
<spevack> Linuxdays in Geneva
<spevack> and OpenSource Expo
<fabian_a> Linuxdays Geneve, very short: no attendance
<spevack> ok, we can remove that one
<spevack> what about the other two? Either way is fine, I just am curious to know.
<kital> !
<fabian_a> kital,
<spevack> ! (one more thing for later)
<GeroldKa> !
<kital> OpenSource Expo is not far for me but it is just before linuxtag
<spevack> My feeling is that OpenSource expo is not important with LinuxTag just a few days later
<spevack> we should focus all our effort on LinuxTag
<kital> ok
<kital> eof
<fabian_a> spevack, then GeroldKa
<lfoppiano> !
<spevack> i will be quick, then lfoppiano and GeroldKa
<spevack> The call for papers for Froscon is open
<spevack> http://www.froscon.de/en/program/call-for-papers.html
<spevack> I am going to submit a talk
<spevack> and plan to attend the show, if it is accepted
<spevack> EOF
<GeroldKa> imho we're to less Ambassadors to handle every event and we have to less money for covering all this things and another issue is that we have no support by Red Hat right now, but for sure ...
<lfoppiano> !
<GeroldKa> Max if you're here more things will be also easier for us to handle and cover
<GeroldKa> and btw.
<kanarip> !
<GeroldKa> Froscon is an event which we cover (not myself because it is always in my holidays) mostly
<GeroldKa> they will be happy to have your talk, for sure
<GeroldKa> eof
<fabian_a> lfoppiano, sorry now it's your turn, then kanarip
<lfoppiano> just 2 word about italian events
<lfoppiano> *words
<lfoppiano> it will be saturdary, our best news is first automatic fedora live usb key
<lfoppiano> creatior
<spevack> GeroldKa: we have more support now more than ever, and it will be my job to give EMEA the proper support that it needs. My date for moving to Europe is May 19th. :)
<lfoppiano> we will do a talk on fedora community (speaker will be fcrippa)
<lfoppiano> and we expect to meet more than 100 people (I hope)
<fabian_a> lfoppiano is talking about liberaMENTE
<lfoppiano> oh, yes sorry
<lfoppiano> I forgot to tell you
<lfoppiano> (I'm little scared, it's my first ambassador meeeting:P)
<spevack> i'm sure you will be great :)
<lfoppiano> thanks :) if you have some question...or suggestion ;-)
* fcrippa is sure too
<lfoppiano> eof
<fabian_a> kanarip,
<kanarip> spevack, I'll work some more on the abstract I'm submitting for LinuxTag, and maybe submit the same talk for FrOSCon ;-)
<kanarip> EOF
<fabian_a> ok, now LinuxTag Berlin
<fabian_a> We have 21 attendees and a place to sleep. But there is still a lot of work left.
<GeroldKa> !
<spevack> kanarip: that's my plan too :)
<fabian_a> We are "hiring" people for the booth setup : Add yourself to the list http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/LinuxTag/LinuxTag2008/BoothSetup
<fabian_a> GeroldKa,
<GeroldKa> booth-size
<GeroldKa> at the moment I got a call and the information that we will get 16 sqm and because of Red Hat pays a little bit, our booth will be raised up to max. 20 sqm. <GeroldKa> I will have a meting with the Linuxtag projects board on 2008-04-26 (also) to discuss that point. But there are only 450 sqm for more than 75 free projects and we will get one of the biggest size :-( <GeroldKa> Because of that issue I decided to cancel the troubleshooting contest (because he's not ready right now) and we try to keep our focus on the gadget with "get your USB stick filled here"
<GeroldKa> FUDCon
<GeroldKa> I have still no answer from Jens working on that issue but heared from Florian that he's working on that issue; late but he seems working on that
<GeroldKa>  and he will give us an smaller overview after me :-)
<GeroldKa> SWAG
<GeroldKa> - we found a place where to ship our goods from elsewhere in this world <GeroldKa> - we order the Fedora Ambassadors Polo next week on Tuesday and the other things in a gremium of JoergSimon, SandroMathys, FabianAffolter and me! <GeroldKa> more can be seen in the wiki at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/LinuxTag/LinuxTag2008
<rivrandir> !
<GeroldKa> eof
<kanarip> spevack, shartsuiker and myself will be arriving 15-16 PM (-ish), that's too late for the booth setup i presume?
<fabian_a> rivrandir,
<rivrandir> I'm now working at the Fudcon. I had no time to do it earlier. We still need more talks. <fabian_a> kanarip, that's too late. Go directly to the hotel bar and drink some beer
<kanarip> ;-)
<glezos> !
<kital> ?
<rivrandir> I'm looking for some more speaker, see mail at mailinglist.
<rivrandir> EOF
<fabian_a> thanks, rivrandir
<fabian_a> glezos,
<glezos> I'd like to kindly request for consideration of common activities of us folks as well who won't be staying at the hotel. :-) <glezos> ie. go-outs, meetings/discussions, dinners, etc, as well as for needed tasks, etc.
<GeroldKa> ! (directly to glezos)
<glezos> collecting mobile phone numbers will probably help in this aspect
<glezos> eof.
<fabian_a> GeroldKa first, then kital
<GeroldKa> you're at the moment the only person who'll not stay with us in the same hotel, but no fear we will inform you as well and keep you in "our family"
<GeroldKa> eof
<kanarip> glezos, /me is +31642801403
<kanarip> there you go, that's solved
<kanarip> ;-)
<fabian_a> kital,
<kital> rivrandir there are 7 speakers on how many slots we have?
<GeroldKa> seven :-)
<rivrandir> kital: 7 when did you count?
<kital> on wiki
<kital> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon/FUDConLinuxTag2008
<kital> not filled in the slots
<kital> but with dimitriz i count 7
<kital> eof
<rivrandir> Yes, but I did not yet got confirmation from Thibault. and two speaker cancelt today :-(
<rivrandir> of
<rivrandir> eof
<kital> i can confirm thibault
<kital> eof
<rivrandir> kital: OK, noted
<GeroldKa> !
<fabian_a> anything else about LinuxTag, FUDCon at LinuxTag, or the FAD before LinuxTag?
<fabian_a> GeroldKa,
<GeroldKa> rivrandir, be aware that these things MUST be filled asap in the vcc of Linuxtag
<GeroldKa> or we get the same "shit" as last year
<rivrandir> GeroldKa: I know
<GeroldKa> NO Fedora related speaker in the official paperwork
<GeroldKa> eof
<rivrandir> !
<fabian_a> rivrandir,
<rivrandir> I'm looking especially for a speaker about FreeIPA or cobbler.
<spevack> rivrandir: i might be able to give a talk about cobbler.. let me talk to michael dehaan, who is the primary developer, and see if he has some slides i can borrow
<rivrandir> eof
<fabian_a> Is there anyone who would like to discuss stuff about another up-coming event ?
<rivrandir> spevack: sounds good mail me please
<fabian_a> Status of the NPO
<GeroldKa> !
<fabian_a> aka Fedora EMEA
<fabian_a> GeroldKa,
<GeroldKa> also waiting for official confirmation
<GeroldKa> they register court complained a part
<GeroldKa> the board decides and the next day it was there
<GeroldKa> I believe the registration will be fullfilled within the next days
<GeroldKa> eof
<fabian_a> thanks, GeroldKa
<fabian_a> Now the floor is open...
<fabian_a> Fedora Live stick creation, anything else about that issue?
<kanarip> is it an issue?
<GeroldKa> !
<viking-ice> so far
<fabian_a> GeroldKa,
<viking-ice> tested it did not work
<GeroldKa> who takes care of that point at Linuxtag?
<kanarip> GeroldKa, we have an open floor ;-)
<GeroldKa> blupp
<viking-ice> have not heard anything from jeremy yet..
<kanarip> i can
<kanarip> and i'll order StefanHartsuiker to pay some attention to it as well
<kanarip> ;-)
<kanarip> s/order/ask/
<GeroldKa> ok
<GeroldKa> but it's the same kanarip
<GeroldKa> oh one important point for Linuxtag
<kanarip> still the same kanarip, yeah
<GeroldKa> we will have two female persons at the booth
<fabian_a> I guess that we are done. Any more questions or issues before we close this meeting?
<kanarip> rivrandir, what is the timeframe for a talk?
<kanarip> an hour or so?
<rivrandir> kanarip: 1 hour, aka 45Minutes talk plus 15 minutes QA
<kanarip> right
* kanarip continues to work on the abstract
<rivrandir> kanarip: I only need 3-10 lines. For the FundCON
<fabian_a> Fedora Ambassadors Meeting EMEA 2008-04-16 has been adjourned. Next meeting in May 2008.
<rivrandir> FudCon
<kanarip> rivrandir, you'll get them while it is still Wednesday
<kanarip> within 40 minutes, that is
<merouen> ok , nice night everrybody
<rivrandir> kanarip: Witch timezone?
<kanarip> ours
<fabian_a> Thanks to all attendees
<rivrandir> kanarip: You don't know where I am! :-)
<diaa> Thanks fabian_a
<kanarip> rivrandir, in Germany
<fabian_a> good night, good morning, or what ever...
<rivrandir> Thanks fabian!
<rivrandir> kanarip: OK, this week you are right :-)

sorry, wrong date in the subject

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