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Re: [Ambassadors] USB Live pen creator poster

On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 7:27 AM, Francesco Crippa <fcrippa byte-code com> wrote:
>  I uploaded his work at this page:
>  http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/LiveUsbCreator
>  the idea is simple: print that poster and glue it on some "solid" support (maybe carton box). Then make a hole into poster white space to take out an usb extension cable.
>  When a python script (developed by Matteo Castellini) recognize new usb device, launch usb creator automatically, and play an > > >mp3 at the end of process.
>  So we have the "usb live pen box"... Really easy to use (put usb on the poster and wait for the "finished" sound). I hope this poster > can help visitors to discover our live pen service in a funny way :-)
>  What do you think about this idea? I'll try to upload some shots of final result on flickr as soon as possible. We can spend a couple > of minutes to improve this idea during today emea ambassadors meeting.

Great work!  I really like the idea of having the stand-up poster on
the booth table with a USB extension cable and a person being able to
walk-by, plug in their USB key and have a copy of Fedora a few minutes
later.  Very good combination.

I hope you post the updated poster with Paul's changes to the wiki so
the whole community can benefit from the work you folks have done.

I am looking forward to using it at our release party!


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