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[Ambassadors] updated slides & presentations

I mentioned in the EMEA ambassadors meeting that I would be sure to upload the current version of the "introduction to Fedora" slide deck that I tend to use.


Feel free to modify this, translate it, improve it, use it at your events, etc.

If you make any good additions or if you translate the talk for your local region, please share it back to the wiki.


Something that probably needs to go on the Ambassadors/Marketing TODO list:

1) Inventory all of the various talks and presentations that are on the wiki.

2) Foreach of these talks, determine if the content is outdated, or if the content is still useful and on-message. Throw out the old stuff, and figure out an ownership/maintenance plan for the "good" stuff.

3) As people deliver the presentations and either modify or translate them, make sure we're keeping things updated and in a reasonably central location.


A single place where someone who is going to deliver a talk about Fedora for the 1st time, or for the 100th time, can find content that they know is of GOOD QUALITY, that is CONSISTENT WITH OUR MESSAGE, and that either has been (or can be) translated.


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