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[Ambassadors] LIBERAmente, Opera (MI) - My day

I just left LIBERAmente, an event hold in Opera, near Milan. I had the
pleasure to meet the guys from LoLUG (Lodi LUG) and the other Italian
ambassadors, who come from the north and the center of Italy. The guys
organized the booth greatly: a LoLUG member set up a python script
that allow you to plug your USB pen and automatically have fedora 8
live burned, unfortunately i didn't took my pen with me but many
people didn't make the same mistake :) They, also, created a box, so
it looks like an automatic iso burning machine!

During the morning Francesco, Luca and the other LoLUG members worked
at the booth. In the afternoon, after the arrival of Gianluca and
Andrea, we started the meeting talking about the next fedora
activities in Italy, putting the stress on Release Events (we hope to
have 3 events organized!) and Linux Day, our most important an popular
event. Moreover we discussed about a cheap way to produce fedora USB
pens, and, generally, an economic way to produce swags from ourselves,
cutting shipping cost and delivery time. We discussed about LinuxTag
and Fedora EMEA: for the first one we made a list of what we need to
accomplish our ambassadors duties, for the second one we reviewed the
work just done (see FOSDEM08) and we wondered how we can help it

I want to thank Francesco because he took me from the tube to Opera
(and Lucia for the return) and gave Italian ambassadors the
possibility to have a face to face meeting: yes, we had not a lot of
time to discuss about everything but what we said was just enough to
start, I hope, a strenght relationship between us. I want, also, to
thank you all ambassadors who attended this event and the great staff
that took care of the booth and made me like at home.


Francesco Ugolini

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