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Re: [Ambassadors] LIBERAmente, Opera (MI) - My day

On Sat, 2008-04-19 at 23:14 +0200, Francesco Ugolini wrote:
> I just left LIBERAmente, an event hold in Opera, near Milan. I had the
> pleasure to meet the guys from LoLUG (Lodi LUG) and the other Italian
> ambassadors, who come from the north and the center of Italy. The guys
> organized the booth greatly: a LoLUG member set up a python script
> that allow you to plug your USB pen and automatically have fedora 8
> live burned, unfortunately i didn't took my pen with me but many
> people didn't make the same mistake :) They, also, created a box, so
> it looks like an automatic iso burning machine!

> During the morning Francesco, Luca and the other LoLUG members worked
> at the booth. In the afternoon, after the arrival of Gianluca and
> Andrea, we started the meeting talking about the next fedora
> activities in Italy, putting the stress on Release Events (we hope to
> have 3 events organized!) and Linux Day, our most important an popular
> event. Moreover we discussed about a cheap way to produce fedora USB
> pens, and, generally, an economic way to produce swags from ourselves,
> cutting shipping cost and delivery time. We discussed about LinuxTag
> and Fedora EMEA: for the first one we made a list of what we need to
> accomplish our ambassadors duties, for the second one we reviewed the
> work just done (see FOSDEM08) and we wondered how we can help it
> grown.
> I want to thank Francesco because he took me from the tube to Opera
> (and Lucia for the return) and gave Italian ambassadors the
> possibility to have a face to face meeting: yes, we had not a lot of
> time to discuss about everything but what we said was just enough to
> start, I hope, a strenght relationship between us. I want, also, to
> thank you all ambassadors who attended this event and the great staff
> that took care of the booth and made me like at home.

Great review. 

I can say that it was a pleasure to meet you and other ambassador ;-)

Here you can find some photos ;)

The photo with our five ambassadors are, from left to right: me, Andrea
Rossi, Francesco Ugolini, Gianluca Varisco and Francesco Crippa ;-)

Thanks to all. 
I hope we can meet soon ;-)


Today is Setting Orange, the 37th day of Discord in the YOLD 3174

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