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Re: [Ambassadors] Fedora Day at Helwan university

Hi Diaa;

Thanks, Its a great effort, photo graphs are looking good, it would be very nice if you can put further detail on different sessions, e.g. what kind of questions were asked mainly, especially when you introduced Fedora... Cheers

2008/4/24 Diaa Radwan <diaaradwan gmail com>:


The Linux week event took place on 20th-24th April in Helwan university - Computer science faculty. It was organized by Student United.

There was special arrangement for fedora; a dedicated day for fedora sessions. it was planned that I gave two sessions with 3 presentations.

The faculty dean was expecting us at his office, we met him and presented briefly the plans for fedora day, I handed him the lovely fedora LiveCD.

Then we checked the booth, answered some questions then moved to session's place.

read the full report http://fossology.net/fedora_day_at_helwan

Diaa Radwan


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