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Re: [Ambassadors] USB Live pen creator poster

On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 7:27 AM, Francesco Crippa <fcrippa byte-code com> wrote:
Hi Ambassadors,

as I said some weeks ago, we need something to show "usb pen live creator" process on fedora events.

Making usb live pen is one of the most useful stuff to do during events (really cheaper and appreciated gadget). I and Luca Foppiano asked to Samuele Storari (maybe a new Fedora contributor) to design a poster showing process.

I uploaded his work at this page:

the idea is simple: print that poster and glue it on some "solid" support (maybe carton box). Then make a hole into poster white space to take out an usb extension cable.

When a python script (developed by Matteo Castellini) recognize new usb device, launch usb creator automatically, and play an mp3 at the end of process.

So we have the "usb live pen box"... Really easy to use (put usb on the poster and wait for the "finished" sound). I hope this poster can help visitors to discover our live pen service in a funny way :-)

I'd like to test this "box" during next event in Italy (Liberamente - Opera - next Saturday).

What do you think about this idea? I'll try to upload some shots of final result on flickr as soon as possible. We can spend a couple of minutes to improve this idea during today emea ambassadors meeting.

Take care


Francesco Crippa

Very good work.  Thank you for coming up with this idea and the Python script to automate it.  I wish I had this for the last event I worked (Notacon 5).
I'll take a look at the script and see if there's anything I can add.

Thanks again.

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