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[Ambassadors] Important: Event Freeze for June - August is on May 1

Hi Ambassadors,

June 1 marks the beginning of the second quarter of Red Hat's fiscal year, and our event & swag budget will reset at that time.

As FAMSCo mentioned a while back, we are using May 1 as a "freeze" date for the FedoraEvents page.

What does this mean?

Any event for June - August that is listed on the FedoraEvents page and that has an OWNER by May 1 will receive funding.

You can still organize events after May 1, but we cannot *guarantee* funding. So if there is a large event coming up that you want to make sure is good, make sure you let us know about it in the next 2 or 3 days.

We will do our best to be flexible, but we have to have some deadlines that we use for planning.

I'm taking a quick look at the page, and seeing good stuff:

5 events in North America (though Ottawa Linux Symposium still needs an official owner).

1 event in South America.

4 events in EMEA (though FrOSCon still needs an owner).

1 event in Asia, India, Australia.


What does it mean to take ownership of either Ottawa Linux Symposium or FrOSCon?

1) You are the person who makes sure that we have a booth. You coordinate with FAMSCo about costs (if any) associated with the booth.

2) You recruit other Fedora Ambassadors or Red Hat employees to come and represent Fedora.

3) You let people know whether or not there are any speaking opportunities -- BOF, speeches, etc. -- at the event an tell people how they can sign up.

4) You help to determine what kind of swag is needed, and how it will be gotten.


I would like to see Fedora average at least one event per week for the entire year.

So far in 2008 we've completed 17 weeks, and the PastEvents page lists 18 events, so we're doing pretty well.


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