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Re: [Ambassadors] happy to see fedora at drupal international camp

On Tue, 12 Aug 2008, ElectroMech wrote:

Dear All,

We had tried to provide some boost to fedora spread at our end and with our
ability. ( All though it is very well established and prominent linux

We have provided small sponsorship and distributed Fedora 9 as welcom kit to
all participants.

We will update the report ( waiting for photographs ).



Let us know whether it is right direction or not, so in future we can
improve our support to community in right direction.



Nilesh Vaghela
Redhat Channel Partner and Training Partner
16, Sun Rise complex,
Nr. Mansi cross Road,
Satellite Rd, Ahmedabad
25, The Emperor, Fatehgunj, Baroda.

That's great.

Thanks for the report and for your efforts.


Francesco Ugolini

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