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[Ambassadors] what fedora swag do folks in EMEA have?

Hi EMEA ambassadors,

I'm curious to know who has some leftover swag from various events (maybe LinuxTag). We have FrOSCon coming up next week, and while I have several hundred Live CDs, we're pretty short on everything else.

Peter, do you have any stickers left that you might be able to mail to me or one of the FrOSCon attendees? I know we still need to get more stickers made for EMEA, but right now we are focusing on the t-shirts.

As for t-shirts, Joerg Simon helped me to place an order for 400 t-shirts, which we will use throughout EMEA. These will be very useful at events during the coming months, but it is not guaranteed that they will be ready in time for FrOSCon. Joerg had some leftover t-shirts from LinuxTag, but I am afraid that my vacation and his overlapped, and we won't be able to get them either.

Does anyone else happen to have a stash of Fedora swag in EMEA that we can coordinate getting to FrOSCon next week?


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