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Re: [Ambassadors] Help me save the turtles

hello people,
it was a mistake on my part to be sending the message to fedora mailing list, when it had nothing to do, whatsoever, with any of our motives or programmes. i just happened to select all the contacts from my gmail account while sending the message, and thts how it got mailed here as well. plz forgive me, and i assure you that i am as dedicated to the propagation and spreading of fedora and open software movement, as is any of you. again, accept my apologies, and plz continue our discussions.

2008/8/21 Frank Murphy <frankly3d gmail com>

On Wed, 2008-08-20 at 19:17 +0100, affix ihack co uk wrote:
> nice abuse of the mailing list.....

Please snip the spam.
Rather than re-sending it.


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