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[Ambassadors] FAmNA Meeting Summary from 2008-12-10

* Announcements

   - Max Spevack's class for ambassadors was attended by inode0 who found
     it to be very worthwhile. The log of the class can be seen here


     Please attend a future session if you can.

   - lcafiero reports an F10 event at the Felton LUG, 15 live CDs went out
     the door and everyone got an F10 install demonstration.


  More discussion of where to hold the next FADNA, feeling of participants
  was that we should choose between SCaLE soon if that is our choice. SELF
  is still a serious contender and has a lot to offer. lcafiero will touch
  base with Max Spevack to get some clarification about the future plans
  for FADNAs before a decision is made.

* F10 Media Update

   - herlo reports proofs for the artwork were approved for F10 media.


   - Media should start showing up in around 10 days now.

* Tasks [https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/NA/Tasks]

   - Ambassadors FedEx/UPS account: update delayed until next week.
   - Task added to cleanup wiki meeting minutes for the past couple
     of months - report on that work next week as well.

* Open Floor

   - DemonJester reported about presentations he gave last week at the
     ITT Technical Institute in PA where he presented on how they can use
     Open Source and Fedora to build work portfolios and experience while
     going to school. Follow-ups are happening now with potential new

I would again like to thank all the participants, especially the new
ambassadors joining us for the first time tonight.

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