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Re: [Ambassadors] FAmSCo 2008 Activities and Events Report

2008/12/22 Francesco Ugolini <fugolini fedoraproject org>:
> Hi,
> this is the 2008 (FY09) FAmSCo Activities and Events report, I hope it
> could help new FAmSCo members to figure out what the past FAmSCo has
> done with some suggestion to improve the future experience.
> This report is for all Ambassadors too: I hope you'll find a brief,
> simple scheme of what was done, thank, primarily, to the marvelous job
> you have done and, I'm sure, you'll continue to do.
> My big thanks to you, fellow Ambassadors, who made FAmSCo job really
> easy and helped it focusing on your necessities, ideas and proposal.
> Former FAmSCo, moreover, want to wish you a happy New Year and all the
> best for you, as ambassadors and persons.
> Regards
> on behalf of former FAmSCo
> Francesco Ugolini

Francesco and FAmSCo,

Thank you for this nice report.  I really learned a lot about the
value gained from the Fedora Ambassadors.  It was really informative
and useful and I hope to see more of these each year.  Because of its
usefulness, I had two questions and a clarification for the report.

Question 1 - The reporting done here does not seem to be based on the
Fiscal Year defined by Red Hat as March 2008-February 2009, but rather
Jan 2008-December 2008.  Why was this chosen?  I have assumptions, but
wanted to get a clear statement to help all Ambassadors understand.

Question 2 - Also, would someone be willing to report based upon FY09
as defined by Red Hat's budget?  As I believe it to be useful to stick
to that budget for reporting.

Clarification - In the report, it is stated that FAD in North America
was held 2008-10-10 (Friday), but it was actually held 2008-10-12
(Sunday).  I hope this helps.

Thanks again for the amazing report, and I look forward to more
information like this in the future.


Grateful North American Ambassador

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