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Re: [Ambassadors] Community Management Literature?

On Fri, 26 Dec 2008, inode0 wrote:

I'm really very curious about how you view the Fedora project within this framework? In particular, do you view Fedora as a hybrid organization?

I'm going to have to thumb through it again the next time I'm in Raleigh before I can say anything too intelligent, but my gut tells me that Fedora is definitely a hybrid-like organization.

We try to push authority, accountability, and decision-making as far to the edges as possible, but there is still a bit of a hierarchy in terms of committees, and in some cases the people who are paid by RH to work on Fedora full time -- I think Fedora Infrastructure is the perfect hybrid example. Everyone is a leader and a doer, but Mike McGrath holds a "first among equals" kind of a role.

It's been a long time since I flipped through this book and chatted about it w/ Greg. I might be getting terms wrong. I'll refresh my memory when I'm in Raleigh in January.

I'm glad people are enjoying the book though!


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