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Re: [Ambassadors] Fedora EMEA Board Elections nominations | February 9th - February 21st

Matthias Kranz wrote:
If these organizations are supposed to "help ambassadors working better"
it should be mentioned somewhere in the name. I mean "Fedora EMEA Board"
sounds a little bit "sophisticated". There are hundreds of people
involved in Fedora in EMEA. So, is it a Ambassador-only thing or not?

Is this an Ambassador initiative? Yes.

Will it, as such, focus on what Ambassadors want/need? Yes.

Is Fedora EMEA limited (by rules, etc?) to aiding Ambassadors only? No.

This is the Ambassadors getting done what they need to get done, get some gears in motion, and once it is up and running, it could very well end up not being an Ambassador-only thing. FWIW, previously we've talked about EventBox and other Ambassador resources being shipped around in the EMEA area and other things like that, but while doing so, we also thought about the possibility (given enough financial resources of course) of reimbursing speakers (from the community), and invite them to an event. In this area, we have already thought about what the Ambassadors can do both for themselves as well as the rest of the community, but we cannot say that we will do so. It is too premature to make any statement as to what it is we can or will do, other then the things that the takers of the initiative want to get done.

You, as a community member, have a voice I think a board should listen to, and should you become a member of the NPO you even have a vote -hierarchically the board must listen to that. There's no limitation to who will be able to become a member -in that way, it isn't going to be an Ambassadors-only thing.

I hope this answers your question although I didn't give you a simple "yes" or "no".

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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