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[Ambassadors] FOSDEM and NPO

Hi there,

as mostly of you know there comes a important weekend for EMEA
Ambassadors with FOSDEM and also with the founding the Fedora EMEA - Non
profit organisation as a german one.

As you also know, there is a beer event
http://www.fosdem.org/2008/beerevent also the Fedora planing at

We, who are interested in founding the NPO will meet at 8:30 p.m.
starting at our hotel
where also a bunch of Ambassadors will stay. We want to scheme out, what
is missing for founding and clear the rest of questions all you guys
have ...

So everybody is welcome to join neither the beer event nor our
"internal" meeting

C U soon


Gerold Kassube
Fedora Ambassador

Deutschland / Germany
Schweiz / Switzerland
Email: GeroldKa fedoraproject org

1024D/F33128B9   4ABC A903 F1F4 D9CC C422 AACA EDF1 DF42 F331 28B9

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