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Re: [Ambassadors] Speaking engagement at Northeastern University report

On Wed, 27 Feb 2008, Jesse Keating wrote:

I've just returned from a speaking engagement at Northeastern University here in Boston MA., USA. This was for the ACM students, Association of Computing Machinery.

Even though it was midterms time, we had a good 30 students show up for the talk. I started with a quick history of Linux and GNU and a brief outline of what makes a Linux distribution. I then went on to compare and contrast some of today's popular Linux distributions, going over package management, init systems, governance models, commercial/community aspects, etc... I then went further in detail as to what makes up Fedora, and why I feel that Fedora is a very strong project to contribute to.

After that I did about 30 minutes of question and answer. Many good questions were asked, such as what is RH/Fedora's relationship with CentOS, how do we compete with Ubuntu, what return on RH's investment in Fedora is there, how does the Fedora work make it's way into RHEL, what is RHEL's release model, and a few other things.

All in all I think it was a very good engagement. The students were very knowledgeable and interested. Many expressed interest in getting more information, and potentially interning or otherwise contributing to Fedora. Every student picked up a Live CD of Fedora 8 as well.

I hope to do more things with Northeastern in the future. They have a very cool program and some very neat students. Linux is slowly making it's way into their infrastructure, mostly led by student efforts.

Sounds like a great event, Jesse. Sounds like a really good "intro to linux and open source with a fedora focus". Did you have slides? If so, could you make them available.

Thanks for writing this up -- I really like the fact that we're getting more Event Report activity on this list.

I haven't checked Fedora Planet in the last while, but maybe you could post there too, if you haven't already?


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