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[Ambassadors] FOSDEM and LinuxTag vs. Max and Paul (who's where when)

On Fri, 11 Jan 2008, Max Spevack wrote:
> I am very pleased to announce that Paul Frields has accepted a job with Red 
> Hat, and he will be taking over as Fedora Project Leader in February.

Uhm...does that mean that you won't come to LinuxTag 2008 in Berlin/Germany
as well if you're no longer THE Fedora Project Leader? Or is your budget at
Red Hat still filled enough for such a tiny and important trip?

And which of you two (Max and Paul) will show up on FOSDEM? Paul, will you
be able to get Berlin for the LinuxTag? I'm asking this, because during the
Fedora Ambassadors Day EMEA 2007 we decided, that the LinuxTag 2008 is the
most important event for EMEA and Max simply has to show up there (as we
did not know at that point of this personnel change).

Max, thank you very much for your past efforts and your work for Fedora - I
think, you did a great job and it's a pitty for me that you will be likely
not with us in May in Berlin. If possible, it surely is nice to see the old
and the new Fedora Project Leader there. And Paul, you're accepting a very
hard inheritance, nevertheless my congratulation and best wishes for you. I
am very sure, you'll get bothered same often by Fedora EMEA as Max got ;-)


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