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Re: [Ambassadors] Resignation from the Ambassadors project.


Fedora Ambassadors should be (and it seems, largely are) for Fedora
first and their region second.

I am not agree. You are ambassador from a worldwide organization, but you are focused
 in your area. Dont spect than other countries, should resign their indentity or needs. This
is "common first world acception". You are concentred the problem in EMEA and USA, and
theres a lot of ambassadors out of this places.  

  And the new FAmSCo *must* make sure that
their highest priority is Fedora Ambassadors, not their particular
region (no matter what has gone before).

I dont know how is your condition in your region, as you dont know how is our condition here.
So , the highest priority for Ambassador is "spread fedora", this is the mission, the statement
and the purpose of Ambassador.

If we succeed in this, the different regions will work together
effectively, Fedora Ambassadors will grow and people like Bob will come
back.  If we fail, then Fedora Ambassadors will be divided into
bickering groups that fade away into irrelevance.

Fedora Ambassadors are divided right now. I understand that the developing of the distro
must be focused in Red Hat based countries, it is common sense.But  about Ambassador
roles, the leaving up of Bob, represents the inner crisis, that Ithink the new management of FAMSCO
and the important continuing role of Max, wants to resolve.

Bob, we will be sorry to see you go.  I hope you will return when you
see that your fears for FAmSCo's future aren't realized.

Yes, the same...

Best regards



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Pablo Barrera
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