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Re: [Ambassadors] introducing myself

Welcome Brendon Another Ambassador with the same Summer time like us :-)
Best regards

2008/1/19, brendon <btoogood slingshot co nz>:
Hello to my fellow ambassadors, just writing to say hello and to
introduce my self.

My name is Brendon Toogood, I live in Oamaru New Zealand I have been
using Fedora since FC2, FC3,FC4 i had a break to see what other versions
of linux were around, then I have came back to FC8 which seems to be
just as good and if not better than what I have remembered.I am glade to
be part of such a good Project and a good team.


Brendon Toogood
Ambassador Of Fedora Project
Email:btoogood slingshot co nz
for cd's and dvds

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Pablo Barrera
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