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Re: [Ambassadors] New LATAM Administrator

Dear FAmSCo,

could you please so kind and explain this point?!
Challenges, orders etc. which belong to that Administrator and the reason
behind that choice (not the person himself) will be helpfull for (at least
me) to understand ...

Thanks in advance


> After a long discussion, FAmSCo has nominated as LATAM Ambassadors
> Administrator (after reviewing all the community processes in LATAM)
> one of its member, Rodrigo Padula, who demonstrate a long and great
> leadership in the LATAM community.
> He will be directly connected with FAmSCo and he will be the resources
> bridge for all the LATAM community, he will follow the new membership
> processes for LATAM (following the Ambassadors New Members rules)
> giving a home language support.
> Good luck Rodrigo!
> Best regards
> Francesco Ugolini
> on behalf of FAmSCo
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