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Re: [Ambassadors] thinking about the mentor program

2008/7/10 Ahsan <ahsan jnl gmail com>:
Dear fellow ambassadors,
Here in Bangladesh, i think many students from my univ specially, will volunteer to work in FEDORA... If only some mentoring system was there... some kind of tutorial and read mes on how to start and some mentors to oversee/suggest the interested persons ....
Hoping to get some positive answers :)

I'm extremely sorry, I missed this thread. We do have plenty of traffic in Fedora-Ambassador list. That's why I use to check mails under Fedora-Ambassador label (in my Gmail) once in a day or two.

As being a Fedora Ambassador in Bangladesh, it would've been me to answer first for Ahsanur Rashid. My apologies.

Hello Mr. Ahsanur Rashid,
I'm very much excited to hear that you (and your friends) want to volunteer for FEDORA (let's say Fedoraproject). I'll love to help you in this regard, I can arrange an event for this at your Canteen or at my office (can be convert into a mid-size gathering facility for 10 person).

We have had arranged "Fedora 9 Release Party at FREPD Auditorium near Pallasy Crossing" withing walking distnce from your University. You might haven't notice various Bangladeshi Mailing List.

Anyway, please let us know if we can arrange something for you after your term finals.

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