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Re: [Ambassadors] FAD EMEA 2008 - Help us improve!

> Hi all!
> I was shortly speaking about this on the IRC meeting last night, but to
> reach the EMEA people who were not able to attend and as a little
> reminder to those who were participating, I'll say a few words here on
> the list too.
> This only affects you, if you're living within EMEA and actually plan to
> attend the FAD EMEA 2008.
> We need your feedback in order to make this a great event:
> Tell us
> - what you liked/didn't like about the last FAD EMEA (not to compare
> with FAD at LinuxTag, IMHO).
come together and have at least one full day to work, discuss and plan
together the next year WAS my main topic ...
combined with a arrival on friday that we can start on Saturday morning
and a "funny event" which has nothing to do with computers to take
relationship to the "Ambassador family" in EMEA, to see, to hear how your
counterpart acts and handles your speech, answer and your behavior is
accepted or not ...
Having a wonderful evening dinner together and if the time was not enough
use the night and on sunday a breakfast with all and travelling home to
your familys, work or whatever.

This WAS my intention for the FADs (Fedora Ambassador Day) I organized the
last two years mostly together with my swiss collegues which were much

> - in what this city should take place. Basel and Amsterdam are in
> discussion already. Add your name to the list or add another city if you
> want.
> - what duration is best for you. Last year, it went from Friday evening
> (dinner) to Sunday morning (travel back after breakfast).
see my (personal) argumentation above

> - if you have a topic to discuss at the event. Please note, that we're
> very limited in time.
> - if you have an idea for lodging in one of the cities we might choose
> or if you have any idea how to save more money on this.
Schloss Beuggen is always a posibility; combining old fashion (a castle)
with modern guys (computer freaks) ...

> - what sort of fun/fringe events you'd like to see or how you liked them
> last year.
We had a visit in a brewery, in a river power plant ...
Personaly I put this point in secret, because this was my personal
surprise for everybody which was announced on friday afternoon at dinner.
Imho this is the point, which the organizer has to "surprise, surprise" us
or the group who attend.
BTW. first FAD were 7 attendees, last year (OK, the second in Rheinfelden
as tradional) we were 15 which means increase of more than 100% af

> - what you think about food. Was it ok like last year? Do you wish to
> taste some local specialities of the city/country where the event takes
> place?
I liked it, but I'm not all :-) But hopefully I got everybody satisfied
with Cheese Fondue as a speciality from our area ...

> - whatever else comes to your mind.
Many, many, many ideas :-)

> Now, the mailinglist is ok to discuss this. But actually, we'd prefer if
> you state your opinions on the according page:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD/FADEMEA2008
> Especially as for the city to choose, we'd need your name on the list on
> the page. same goes for the attendees.
> Thanks for your help!
no probs



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