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[Ambassadors] REMINDER: Q3 Event Budget Deadline is Aug 1

If you are organizing an event that takes place in September, October, or November, and you want budget from FAMSCo, make sure your event is on the FedoraEvents page by August 1.


As you recall, the process that FAMSCo uses for allocating budget for events is as follows:

One month before the start of the quarter, all events that are (a) listed on the FedoraEvents page and (b) have a specific owner on the FedoraEvents page are allocated budget based on the funds available for that quarter. Anything not on the FedoraEvents page in time will have to be considered separately by FAMSCo for budget.

So, that means anyone who is planning an event for September, October, or November needs to get their event on the FedoraEvents page, and have a sub-page for organization (if necessary) set up by August 1, which is about 3 weeks from now. My thanks to everyone who already has their events on there.

We're going to start the Events budget for next quarter at $12,000 USD, but past experience has shown us that the number will creep up over time. Therefore, starting at $12,000 USD gives FAMSCo some "buffer space" for unexpected things that come up.


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