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Re: [Ambassadors] NA Ambassadors Meeting Log 2008-07-22

On Tue, 29 Jul 2008, Francesco Ugolini wrote:

Sorry I missed the point. Are you talking about the CD ordering? We have discussed about it both in the list and in some of our meetings. That doesn't mean that FAmSCo doesn't take care of this topic, as FAmSCo we are focused on helping community and trying to simplify the Ambassadors life. Sometimes it requires time and sometimes it doesn't work perfectly, we are here to learn from our mistakes and if we have done something, we will try to repair our lacks. Personally I ask every FAmSCo meeting if there is a specific issue and I'll try to do my best trying to reply to the core M-L topics, many times it works, some times fails, so, don't see this as a neglect action, but as a "bug".

I think all of FAMSCo recognizes that the path to success leads in pushing swag production into local parts of the world, and allowing those regions to pool together resources as necessary to get the best prices.

I'm working on a visual aid that shows (based on the decisions that have been made at local meetings on NA, SA, and EMEA ambassadors) the "responsible parties" for various regions. I hope to have a DRAFT VERSION ready to show the Ambassadors list in the next day or two. It's currently being reviewed by FAMSCo.

I'm also planning to re-work the FedoraEvents/Organization page to reflect the decisions being made in North America and the larger model that Ambassadors is growing into.

Within a relatively short amount of time, I hope that when budget allocations are made by FAMSCo, that money can be placed directly into the hands of regional leaders to produce swag for their events in whatever way they feel is most efficient. The event reports will speak for themselves if the money is being spent well, or disappearing into a black hole. People will self-determine the ways to get the most value out of their budget. We're already a ways down this path, to be honest.

FAmSCo is mainly composed by EMEA members elected by the whole community. Personally (I'm sure everyone in FAmSCo) I'm working independently from my country, FAmSCo is focusing on Ambassadors global/local challenges, we demonstrate it and I think you can trust us. FAmSCo people won't to teach you how to run an event, but if it's needed help Ambassador following the right way: we share our knowledge and we learn from your feedback and from your events. What I can say is that from a FAmSCo perspective is easy to see in a wide range and that make FAmSCo a trustworthy platform to manage the community.

FAmSCo is working on the localization, that means that the local knowledge base will be enhanced by local ambassadors and it will became the first resource for local ambassadors, like the local events/activities management. In that way, I'm happy to see what NA is doing and I agree completely in the way you are following.

FAMSCo is elected on a yearly basis, and if the end result of the current FAMSCo membership is a solid, working model of local accountability worldwide that is working out its bugs and producing good results, then this past year can be deemed a success.

FAMSCo's membership is 7 -- currently there are 4 EMEA residents, 2 North America residents (though John Babich is quite the world traveler), and 1 South American resident.

I think it would be wise for the Ambassadors on a whole to continue to ensure that FAMSCo has representatives from all parts of the world on it. I think a regional Ambassadors model will lead to that end result by default, because local leaders will emerge and gain the respect of everyone.


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