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[Ambassadors] Self Introduction

Hi everyone,

I run a strategic planning consulting company (city/traffic/land development) using intelligent systems that I have developed over the years. I also run a company that will be shortly launching a web service for the above. Have a wide range of experience especially throughout the transportation industry. I'm also an adjunct professor and looks like I'll be teaching some entry level and AI courses this year.

Been running Linux since 1998 and switched our company to it full time in 2000. Find it lame when most companies (especially big ones) say they can't or it's so difficult to make the switch. Albeit there's a few exceptions - engrs use Autocad - but even some of those firms are using Samba with RH servers. I do our web development now in Python (but also speak Ruby/Rails, PHP, Java ). All our graphics are in SVG and I am a strong advocate of SVG. We use Inkscape a lot so I help out each year at SCALE with the Inkscape project and give presentations on it at user groups.

I also evangelize Linux/Open Source where ever I go. I keep reminding customers why they need open source (choice of options, features (like built in pdf, cd burning, backups, ....) upgrades, tech support). At hotels when I see business people struggling - I tell them about how we run on Linux and how they can too - then I suggest a dual boot system and give them a CD. At a bookstore I got a college student running OpenOffice on her Mac when I overheard her complaining about cost - a week later she was thrilled and telling her friends.

Active with several local user groups (Utah Open Source, Python, Ruby, PHP). I hope to work with Fedora on college student initiatives - maybe act as some sort of Faculty advisor. I also hope to make more presentations to business groups on open source. Maybe coordinate CIO/CTO breakfasts, whatever.
John Taber, Ph.D.
PlanDecSys, Inc.
1501 South Loop 288 S.104
Denton, TX  76205

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