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Re: [Ambassadors] thank you to LinuxTag team!!!


we should make some small flyers with the core aspects:

- upstream
- strong focus on free software
- fast moving
- relationship to Redhat and CentOS
- we have both Gnome AND KDE
- coolest logo

There were many questions about what`s diffrent than Suse, Debian, ...

cu romal


Max Spevack schrieb:
I want to say a big THANK YOU to our entire LinuxTag team.

We had *by far* the most professional, best-looking, and most useful booth, staff, and presentation of any group.

I will be preparing the rest of my blog posts and trip report soon, but very quickly I must say that this was the best Fedora event I have been to, and I am so proud of our entire EMEA team.

Congratulations to all of you -- make sure you take a moment to enjoy the success of this week, and to feel proud about how much Fedora has achieved!

We were the #1 booth at the fair -- far more professional, far much more traffic, and far much more interest than any of the other communities that compete with us for contributor and developer mindshare.

More to follow on my blog in the next day or so....

Thank you all so much,

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