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Re: [Ambassadors] thank you to LinuxTag team!!!

Am Sonntag, den 01.06.2008, 22:50 +0200 schrieb Robert M. Albrecht:
> Hi,
> we should make some small flyers with the core aspects:
> - upstream
> - strong focus on free software
> - fast moving
> - relationship to Redhat and CentOS
> - we have both Gnome AND KDE
> - coolest logo
Hey "Blue Man Crew" ...

please don't forget: WE're Leaders, not fellows ...

> There were many questions about what`s diffrent than Suse, Debian, ...
... do we really need to compare with the other "big" Distributions? Do
In my Eyes, the "User" should have a mind of one's own and also "build"
that. I don't know SuSE either Debian, Mandriva or others because I have
no time to do so *g*
I have to plan and prepare LinuxTag :-)

> cu romal
Hopefully soon see YOU Robert; Thanks for attending us in Berlin!


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