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Re: [Ambassadors] Event Box Revisited


the KDE event box is regional only too.

It contains posters, ... and a display, keyboard, ... but not a PC.

I would advice against including hardware in the Fedora event box. HW adds some heavy weight and everyone has a laptop or PC availiable, so I donĀ“t think shipping a PC aroun is very usefull.

After Cebit we shipped the KDE eventbox from Cebit (Hannover Germany) to Bern (Switzerland) which costs 220 Euros.

Problem is, on the Hannover fair grounds, Fedex has an exclusive contract as shipping partner. So we had no choice but to use the very expensive Fedex service.

If we ship the box five times a year, we have about 1000 Euros. For that amount of money we could simply equip all ambassadors with a collection of posters, ... and create a very small and leightweight event box (perhaps including an OLPC ...)

cu romal

Jeffrey Tadlock schrieb:
One of the topics that has come up in the weekly Fedora Marketing
meetings is the topic of the Event Box [1].  The event box is an idea,
heavily borrowed from the GNOME Project, that could make organizing a
booth at an event much easier for an Ambassador.  It would be a decent
sized shipping container that contained the basic materials necessary
to organize and run a Fedora booth at a small to mid-sized event.  For
larger events it would be starting point, but would probably need
supplemented by additional materials.  The items currently suggested
for an event box are listed on the wiki page [1].

Shipping a box of this size is not cheap, so if successful there would
likely be an event box assigned to a major region - based on the
success of the first event box.  Even though the cost of shipping is
high, I think it will allow an ambassador to free up time to get other
event preparation done without the need to track down basic materials
for every event.  It also helps make sure that a Fedora Booth at any
event at least has the basics covered.  It seems we repeat a lot of
work for every event we do (at least it seems that way for events in
North America).

>From the marketing meeting we wanted to bring this discussion up again
with the Ambassadors.  Please visit the Event Box wiki page [1] and
read up on it if you have not seen the proposal before.  It covers
more of the details than I have here.  Once you have done that, please
comment on whether you would find an event box useful in your event
preparation.  And also feel free to suggest changes to the contents of
the box as well.


[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/EventBox

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