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[Ambassadors] Thank you LinuxTag organization team!

Hi there,

I'd like to take a moment to express my thank you to the LinuxTag
organization team. So;

Thank you!

Personally, I think the biggest highlights of the event where:

- The organization

It was great; no trouble checking in to the hotel, exhibitor passes were ready for us, no trouble in whatever area you learn to appreciate someone taking care of things for you, only when it's too late. The booth just looked great, we had plenty of stuff to show off, some of those awesome posters (thank you Joerg! -let me get back in touch with you on how I could get a few for my living room). A big thank you to the LinuxTag organization team for making this a wonderful event!

- The bathrobes

What an entrance we made at the LinuxNight social event, where approx.
300 of our peers where wondering where we got them, and why we wore them. Some of them may have called us crazy, but I bet most of them were wondering where they could get one themselves *bg*

- The Live USB station

After the great success of the Live USB station, Stefan and myself will
attempt to enable any ambassador or enthusiast create such a station
(where people stick in their USB thumb drive and hear a victory tune
when making a Live USB stick is finished), as simple as "yum install". More on this topic the next couple of weeks.

So, again, thank you all for attending, making it work and getting it to be the greatest event I've had so far!

Jeroen "twisting Stefan's arm a little more" van Meeuwen

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