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Re: [Ambassadors] Cebit 2009

Hi Robert,

/me posted somewhen:
> Maybe, we could also organise something for CeBIT 2009...


I was part of the staff at the Gnome booth last year and it was quite disappointing: There were a lot of people asking for: "The distributions - where are Ubuntu, openSUSE, Fedora,...?" And I always needed to respond that Ubuntu would be right around the corner, Novell in another hall and Fedora & Red Hat... were just not there.

I have thought about this and I think we should definitely arrange something! Since I'm living just 30 km away, I would be obviously able to help and to organize it - unless it interferes with school :(...


Robert M. Albrecht wrote:

OpenSource is THE focus for Cebit 2009. We should be there.

California is the partner country and they invited Schwarzenegger :-))

cu romal


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