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Re: [Ambassadors] Hello! new member here

On Wed, Jun 4, 2008 at 4:37 AM, Bruno Barrera Yever <bbyever fedoraproject org> wrote:

My name is Bruno Barrera Yever and I live in Mexico City. I joined the
Ambassadors group because I enjoy telling the people around me about
FOSS and Linux.

Welcome !!!

Right now I dual boot Fedora and Ubuntu since I think those are the
best distributions available, and thats why I am also trying to market
them together to some extent.

My target audience are schools. I believe FOSS and Linux should be
used in education because schools normally don't have al the money
they require and paying for licences is just wasting a lot of money
that could go into buying equipment for a lab or some books or

My plan is to go to schools and offer them the two best distros out
there, and let them chose which ever one they want. This gives them
options, which is what Linux is all about, chosing and using what is
best for you.

Blue is Blue, Brown is Brown :p

Although we "Fedora" d'nt believe in numbers...it has awesome charms...one could easily fall in love... ;)



Bruno Barrera Yever

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