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Re: [Ambassadors] Fwd: Fedora party in INDIA

 Free media -- distribution of free media (by the free media ambassadors) 
Free Live CD, -- same as above
USB Fedora -- how-to's and hacks
Talks-- like why use fedora,etc. (criticise,appreciate,ideate)

"\"G\"" <balajig81 gmail com> wrote:

> The Fedora community across the globe has events in every country.
> Unfortunately we havent conducted any till date.
> How about conducting a Fedora community meet or event at Hyderabad .

Great Work !. I am really happy that a Fedora focused event is
happening in India .

> Focus would be on things like Virtualization on Fedora
> Fedora Spins
> Fedora Community

Are you gonna invite speakers to speak on these topics ?
yes we are looking for speakers
or you gonna show a demo of something ?
demo will be regarding new ones like USB Fedora,etc.
or is it gonna be some kind of install fest/release party ?
 the Release Party of Fedora 9 is yet to be decided.


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