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Re: [Ambassadors] Shirts for RH Summit presenters

Hi Matt --

I'll need names, addresses, quantity and sizing, and I can add these to the order. Also, if there are any other Ambassadors in North America (US & Canada) who have not yet indicated they are interested in one of the polos, please send me the above information and I will also add you to the order. The cost will probably be somewhere around US$30-$35 per shirt with shipping and everything. I will contact those I have heard from by next Friday, June 13th (:) to confirm cost and ask for pre-payment via either PayPal or check. Thanks so much!

 - pascal

Matt Domsch wrote:
There will be several Fedora contributors presenting sessions on
Fedora projects and technologies at Red Hat Summit in Boston in a few

Can we presenters purchase the nifty blue Ambassadors shirt to wear
during our presentations?  If so how?


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