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Re: [Ambassadors] Event Box Revisited


at least in Germany we don't get any problems due to simultaneously events.

International shipping would be much more expensive. And if we include HW, we get into troubles with power cords, 110/230V, taxes and tool, ...

I would recommand a light-box with some rare or very expensive items like
 an OLPC.

Other items should simply be produced and shipped to all event-guys. Printing posters, stickers, ... is so cheap, shipping simply is to expensive.

If someone has some templates (posters, flyer, sticker, ...) to print, I ask my friend (he`s working in a printing factory specialized on marketing stuff) for a good price to produce this stuff.

I can then ship the materials to the people.

I can also buy a box to create a light event-box for Germany. What should be included ?

cu romal


Jason Fenner schrieb:
I think that it's a good idea. However, it would be good to get some estimates on what the shipping costs would be. Also, do you have any numbers that show how often more then one event happens simultaneously in a region?

aka, Axelilly
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