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[Ambassadors] Self-Introduction of Itocamargo

Hello, Friends Ambassadors Fedora, I am new here, and I am doing my self-introduction as is customary.

Well, I am a student of Engineering Control and Automation - Mechatronics at the University of Contestado, Curitibanos / SC / Brazil.

I worked several years as a computer technician, and currently am a professional self. I advice and services to small businesses in the region.

I started to work with Open Source by curiosity itself. I am self. I used several distributions as Kurumin (Brazilian), Ubuntu, Debian, openSUSE and now, like much of Fedora.

I have worked together with teachers in my university for students divulgarmos between the OpenSource community.
We feel that lack only a small incentive. Because after the installations of distributions made, students began using them.

I am able to help the Community to grow.

Thank you for the chance

Ailson Camargo de Sousa
Engenharia Mecatrônica - UnC - Curitibanos
Linux User #448828

Fone: +55 (49)-8808-0586
Gtalk: ailsoncamargo gmail com
msn: itocamargo hotmail com
Skype: itocamargo

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