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Re: [Ambassadors] Greeting from Indonesia


Hi Laksmono...
Are you an Indonesian to? Your last name is sound familiar in Indonesia especiallly Javanese people.
Yes, Linux is good for Indonesia. And we already have Indonesian distro which is IGOS and BlankOn. A lot of Open Source Community such as KPLI (Kelompok Pengguna Linux Indonesia), YPLI (Yayasan Penggerak Linux Indonesia), LUG (Linux User Group) which is a common community. Besides that we have speciality community, such as Fedora-ID, Ubuntu-ID, openSUSE-ID, OpenSolaris User Group, Slackware-ID, JUG (Java User Group), Netbeans Indonesia User Group, JLinux (Java Linux), id-ruby...

And recently a woman community in Linux, KLUWEK (Kelompok Linux Cewek) is founded at the Ubuntu Hardy Release Party in President University Cikarang.

Indrayana MB.

2008/6/6 Grady Laksmono <gradyfausta laksmono com>:
I'm really excited to see a lot of Linux in Indonesia.. :)

- Grady

2008/6/5 Indrayana MB. <indrayana mb gmail com>:
Selamat Datang pak Johan Hasan...
That's mean Welcome Mr. Johan Hasan in Bahasa, our native language...
I'm very happy to know about there's more people came from my country. The other one that I'm know him very well is Mr. Dapid Candra, he is our localization coordinator. And Mr. Erwin, are you Erwin from id-ruby? And I seeing some one from Bandung and Makasar.
Hope that we all can make something better for the near future...
best regards,
Indrayana MB.

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