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Re: [Ambassadors] APAC ambassadors meeting. Do we really need them?

I have some new ideas about Fedora Free Media program, I wanted to tell this on yesterday┬┤s meeting. I was present there also, before the time. But due to my network problem, after a while, I was disconnected from internet. My nick was SuLphEr.

I need the meeting logs. Can anyone provide it to me? Thanks.

On Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 2:16 PM, susmit shannigrahi <thinklinux ssh gmail com> wrote:
Hi all,

This is very disheartening to see that most people of APAC region care
very little about communicating.

Yesterday's meeting was attended by 5-6 people only, though it was
announced 3 weeks ago. No one even objected about the day and timing.

So it is very obvious that either they had more important task or they
don't feel the necessity to communicate.

We have more than 70 Ambassadors from India alone. And only two were present.

Sorry to say this, but we are making *absolutely* no progress. We have
no event, we can not fulfil free media requests, no new mirror, no new
agenda, neither do we care for communicating about ideas.

Do you think a community or project can progress this way?



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