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Re: [Ambassadors] Campus Party - Colombia

On Fri, 6 Jun 2008, Juan Camilo Prada wrote:

So apparently I'm invited to Campus Party in Colombia. For all who doesn't know, Campus Party its a really huge meeting for all geeks (and not geeks) to share everything related to technology. This year Campus Party is going to be at Bogot?? and a company from my city will be sponsoring me to go to the event which will last for seven days from June 23th to June 29th . I knew about the event a month ago, but i didnt plan on going (it was too expensive for me) but now I'll be there.

I just knew about the Free Software section at Campus party, so im planning on being there all the time I can. I knew about a Debian conference and so i felt like failing here as i see no one from fedora (we have 3 ambassadors there) is doing something, so right now its too late for me to prepare something that should be accepted for the event, so i would like to know in which other way should i promote fedora?

All suggestions are very welcome :)

My suggestion:

1. Try to get something accepted by the event anyway. The Fedora name is a big name. They might make an exception.

2. Put this event on the Event Page:

This way, other regional ambassadors have a better chance of knowing about it.

3. If you can't get any formal recognition at the event, just show up and set up a cheap card table and a chair, print a Fedora sign, and make 50 CDs and lots and lots of collateral. What are they going to do, throw you out? :)

Good luck.  Let us know how it goes.


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