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Re: [Ambassadors] APAC ambassadors meeting. Do we really need them?


try http://jmirc.sourceforge.net/
Thanks you & Have a Nice Day

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Jason Benedict Low
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Harish Pillay wrote:
 In any case, I will like to perhaps call for another session really
 soon - like this
 Thursday, June 12th at the same times as was proposed for this past Sunday.
Same time would be difficult during the weekdays as lot of people
might be working at office and they wouldnt have the access to get
into the channels  using IRC Clients. Weekends are generally
preferred. The timings could be decided

The reality of these meetings is that we can do best efforts to bring in the
most amount of participants.

Can I ask how has the participation on the chats been previously?  I have
not looked at the logs yet.

In general, I should be able to get online anywhere - I just need to get an
IRC client for my cell phone - any suggestions? I have a Nokia e51.


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