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Re: [Ambassadors] Hello! Short introduction of myself

Welcome & may the force be with you young padawan

Andreas Kühntopf schrieb:

please let me introduce myself. My name is Andreas Kühntopf, 24 years
old, from Kronach (Upper Franconia, Bavaria, Germany).
I am a student of cs at the University of Applied Sciences, Coburg and
currently in the sixth semester. Unfortunately there is not that much of
a linux community here in my area. When someone is using linux, it is
mostly Ubuntu or some derived version of it.
My plan is to introduce Fedora to some folks here and show some presence
of a very strong distro. They have got to notice that Ubuntu is not the
only modern desktop linux distribution. I also would like to help at
events like linuxtag where applicable. As a visitor i have been to the
linuxtag for four years now, and i think it's a great gathering of linux
I started using Linux in 1999 with SuSE Linux 6.2 because i always loved
messing around with my PC system and trying something new. Later then i
mostly used debian and ubuntu. Now in 2008 i started using / working with Fedora and i found it to be a
very nicely designed system and a community which i would truly enjoy
working with, so i joined the fedora-de irc channel and talked to some
people ;-)

Some of my skills which are probably of interest to the Fedora
 - Fluent in English, German is my mother-tongue
 - Programming skills: Strong knowledge of design patterns,
        Java, C/C++, Python, Ruby, Shell scripting
- Strong knowledge of Software Engineering processes (through University)
 - Have used many linux distributions, so i can certainly compare things
   if someone asks me what the differences are e.g. between Ubuntu and
 - I love working with other people.
- Willing to dedicate some time to open source projects ( i think that's a basic requirement ;-))

If you need more informations, please let me know!
I'm looking forward to working with you ;-)

Kind Regards,

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