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Re: [Ambassadors] Greetings

Welcome to the world of Fedora, Carlos.

No worries, i am like you, i am not graduated in computer science but in Business, Marketing and Economy Management.

Thanks you & Have a Nice Day

Best Regards,
Jason Benedict Low
*Allow us to treat you with the individuality you deserve!

Carlos Santos wrote:
Hi there,

Well, first of all I'm 24 years old, and i'm From Portugal. At the
moment, i'm working at Radiomóvel IT Department, as Service Platforms
Those platforms include, VMS, SMSC, PTT, Wifi.

I've graduated in IADE, at the Marketing and Advertising Course.

I'm not graduated in any computer science, but i work at an IT
department, because it's my passion.

Now regarding the Fedora Ambassadors, I want to help in any possible way
that i can. That includes, developing new connections with institutions
in portugal, creating linux user groups in portugal that have fedora as
the main distribution, Translating some information to Portuguese from
Participate in discussions to improve fedora. New marketing campaigns,
everything related with that component.

Anything else that is necessary, i'm not afraid of working and giving my
best to improve fedora and this hole project.

Carlos Santos
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