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Re: [Ambassadors] About registering domains

Hi Jhon,

I am also in Indonesia, what is your aim to reserve this domain and what you want to do?

On 6/20/08, JohnChendra <chendra fedoraproject org> wrote:
Hello all, first of all sorry for my bad english. Secondly, sorry if this post is unappropriate in this list.

The story goes like this:
I want to register and reserve fedoraproject.or.id for fedora community in Indonesia to use, but at the time of the registration, it appears that I need a confirmation letter from maybe our Project Leader or someone else in charge or authorized (the term is "Internal Mandate Letter" or something like that, it's in Indonesian). They gave me about 5 to 7 days to resolve the problem and get the confirmation letter.
So, who should I talk to? Is there anyone that have similar problem?

Thanks in advance :)


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