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Re: [Ambassadors] About registering domains

> >> On 6/20/08, JohnChendra <chendra fedoraproject org> wrote:
> >>> Hello all, first of all sorry for my bad english. Secondly, sorry if
> >>> this post is unappropriate in this list.
> >>>
> >>> The story goes like this:
> >>> I want to register and reserve fedoraproject.or.id for fedora community
> >>> in Indonesia to use, but at the time of the registration, it appears
> >>> that I need a confirmation letter from maybe our Project Leader or
> >>> someone else in charge or authorized (the term is "Internal Mandate
> >>> Letter" or something like that, it's in Indonesian). They gave me about
> >>> 5 to 7 days to resolve the problem and get the confirmation letter.
> >>> So, who should I talk to? Is there anyone that have similar problem?
> >>>
> >>> Thanks in advance :)
> >>>
> >>> John

This is simple - ask the trademark owner ;)
send a email to the Fedora Board
fedora-board-list redhat com
and tell them your ideas and ask for permission, cc to PaulFrields 
stickster gmail com

Jörg Simon
jsimon fedoraproject org
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3691 0989 2DCA 58A2 8D1F 2CAC C823 558E 5B5B 5688

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