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Re: [Ambassadors] About registering domains

On Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 3:12 PM, Teseu <teseu fedoraproject org> wrote:
Hi John,

If I understand correctly, the domain would be fedoraproject.org.id,
right? I'm from Brazil, and here, to register a domain with .br locale
weed needed a company (not anymore, they just changed this, any person
can do it now). If this list is not the right place (I don't know,
just like you), I think the mkt should be, but I believe almost
everyone there receive your message as well.

If you want to build a site to your people I recomend some kind of cms
to do it very quickly and with some cool features. I can give some
tips if you get the domain and some help. Here we have at least 3
sites like the kind I think you want to make.



Hi Teseu, thanks for the reply.
Yes, I'm registering fedoraproject.or.id (not org, .id only use 2 letters for organization). The registration is already submitted but there's a problem concerning the requirements to register the domain, that is beside a copy of my ID-Card, they also need a "Mandate Letter" or something like that. According to the officer that e-mailed me, a formal letter/e-mail (with fedora logo in it) from the project leader or someone in charge will do it. Before, registering .or.id only need a ID-Card copy of the admin, but now they need some organization 'stamp' on it :)

For the cms, I'm considering drupal or joomla, but still open for more alternatives. What's your site? and thank you for your tips and help offer. Will contact you as soon as our site is on the go :)

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