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[Ambassadors] self introduction

Hi please let me introduce myself,  my name is Catur Wirawan Wijiutomo, 21 years old, from Bandung (Indonesia). My interest ini Linux began about 3 years ago when I first know what is linux. but I'm serious to use Linux an totally migrate 1 year after that. nowadays, I use linux for everyday living, from doing my assignment to leisure. the first distro I use and still be my favourites is Fedora

I'm a student of Informatics Engineering at the Institut Teknologi Bandung, Linux is getting famous in my school. everybody know Linux. but not many people who know it use it. they prefer to use windows and too bad they use the piracy edition. from my research to asking them why they doing that is a mindset that windows is become standard. well that's what I disagree about and what I want to change, even in my experience life could be wonderful without it.

my school already established a center for open source community which funded by government one year ago. and I am one of the member of this organization. I like to help people to understand Linux and why Linux is better. of course Fedora is what I recommend to them.

I've got plan to some event which will be held and involve community in my school
        *Install Fest : my school has an centre of Open source that is
         fund by the government, install fest is one of their program. I
         involved in this organization.
       * Linux Information centre : make a portal in my local campus network.
         so everyone can easily get information about Linux
       * Fedora Weeks : a weeks with fedora. I would encourage people to
         use fedora for a wee and get the feedback from them
       * Linux Training : an event to introducing Linux technically.
    and some little project that involve just myself

       * fill my blog about my activities with Fedora
       * answer people question's about fedora
       * help people using Fedora
       * giving access to people about Fedora product
       * and much more..

I'm looking forward to working with you ;-)

Best regards
Catur Wirawan Wijiutomo
Students of Institut Teknologi bandung

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