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[Ambassadors] Presentation

Hi all,

My name is Carlos Vassalo, I'm 38 years old and I live in Chennevières sur Marne - France. I'm an network admin and I work to BCP bank - Paris.

My first linux (1997) was an Slackware 3.3 and RedHat 4.2 (Vanderbilt). I used it up to 9 (Shrike). Afterwards, I worked with various distros like SuSE, debian and similars, distros based on RedHat like Mandrake/Mandriva and finally LFS. When Fedora Core 1 was released, I tried it and I felt I had found "the" distro.

Since beginning of 2007, I provide support on fedora-fr and I participate on various events like IP, etc...

This year, I participated with few other members of fedora-fr to fundation of one users group : fedora | Paris. The issue of this group is essentially permit to the fedoristas of the region of Paris meet other fedoristas and diner, every two weeks.

My plans to fedora project are :

- Represent the region of Paris / Val de Marne
- continue with active support to the new users
- continue participating on fedora events like RMLL, FUDCon, IP, etc...
- Promote fedora near potential users like student, ITs, etc...

Kind regards,

Carlos Vassalo

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